What song are you listening to right now?

born to mourn and yawn

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Watched the new Biden team introducing themselves, and personally I liked Avril Haines most coz she is still shy but not shyin away, it seems. I know that feelin when an invisible force is pullin at your neck so it's almost impossible to lift it into the right direction, tufts of hair hangin strangely and frantically out of line, an awkward giggle here and there among folks who talk and walk like deadpan gravestones, and stumblin over your own feet deferentially on your way to the back of the stage, to get away from the speaker's desk quickly, where you have to line up to wait for the others to come to an end, but they speak and look so much more assertively and dashingly, and you dont know where to put your hands in the meantime. Well, she looked the most human to me. But after all, the true character of a person usually unveils when power and responsibility are put into their hands.
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Light Housework

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"What do I have to do?", I asked, to make the paper in the picture frame stay put and not slide around. And this song popped up.

Light Housework

Meowissey, Hunchbacked Smut Peddler

An end-of-the-ride sigh
Your soft smile says:
"please understand, I must surrender."
Then you grip with your hand
Now so small in mine
Are you aware wherever you are
That you have just died?
you made me feel not quite so
deformed, uninformed and hunchback


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Bastille mausoleum
Stockyard, churchyard
Your mammy's backyard
I don't care when or where
I just care that you're there
And that you will...
Kiss me a lot, kiss me a lot


Hoops - reflections after Jane

Hoops - don’t panic

New singles. I learned don’t panic is a cover of a Coldplay song
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