What's Everyone Reading At The Moment?

Light Housework

Meowissey, Hunchback of Solow
Found this in the neighborhood book closet this morning.


Finished fifth business and it finished much more dramatically than I would have thought. Snuck up on me I suppose because the drama predictably didn’t directly involve fifth business (as it shouldn’t). Anyway the real power of that novel is just in the stylish prose. So many great quotes and I’ve a feeling I could have read him talking about anything. Going to try his other novel related to this book and probably also the cunning man.

now reading Einstein’s monsters which has a little forward from Martin amis acknowledging the stories debts to previous authors like Ballard Kafka bellow etc. his love of other authors comes out so much in his works


Finished my third Joyce carrol oats though the last was under a pseudonym and it was excellent. A bit more pared down than her work under her own name but it was still beautifully written. The opening chapter with its symbolic imagery of a women on an American flag pool raft trying to attract men’s attention and validation with her bikini while at the same time terrified of the intention behind there attraction and the arms she see as the try to poke and prod her and pull her down under while she desperately tries to stay afloat was great. It also avoided every cliche I was afraid was going to come with the next turning the of a page. Golf stuff.

I’ve got to read two more to reach my goal of twenty five for the year so I’m starting catch me if you can as I sit in the tub


Novels I read in 2020

mom chesil beach
Keep the aspidistra flying
An American dream
Before she met me
American appetites
The locals
Tender is the night
Hollywood (Vidal)
The executioners
Flash fire
Black water
Ellen foster
That night
The good soldier
The tenth man
Fifth business
Einstein’s monsters
Starbrite will be with you soon
Catch me if you can

worst of the batch was worst person ever followed by damage.

most surprising was the good soldier followed by Ellen foster for very different reasons.

the best is obviously tender is the night but American dream sat with me for a while.

best new authors were Joyce carroloTs and Robertson Davies

good day


About 100 pages in and it does feel a bit like it’s meant for me to read in my medium sized house on my comfy chair standing. Lamp beside me. It also kinda feels like I’m reading ravelstein in reverse as I’m wondering when this book will start to confront hitchens suicide. Feels like there’s lots of allusions to his other works which I guess makes sense as it his life he’s talking about
books wit no pitchers but not much more just fuck off literary ponces long live books more to life than books nerds n squares obscurer and obscurer shakespeare is smart
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