Why did Morrissey change There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends on the KU reissue?

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Why, Morrissey? Why did you replace one of the most beautiful things you've ever recorded with some lumbering, chugging imitation? The original version of this song is honestly one of my favourite songs, Smiths or solo, and I just can't get my head around why he would want it struck off. Anyone got any ideas?


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Oh, there is a place
A place in hell
For me and my friends.

And if ever I
Just wanted to cry
Then I will
Because I can

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While I like the session version very much, I wish he had left the album as it was ... and that goes for ALL of the reissues! I really don't know what good butchering the tracklists is supposed to bring. Adding some bonus tracks is a fine thing, but editing and replacing tracks .. no no no! If those reissues didn't have the bonus stuff, I wouldn't buy them anyway ... I'm still one of the few people who think that the original editions sound way better.

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I guess the KROQ version provides a better musical link to Your Arsenal, though the album version is vastly superior.

I myself still haven't quite forgiven Moz for taking The Ordinary Boys off Viva Hate.


I was delighted they changed it, having both versions available is no bad thing and the new one's far superior (in my differing opinion of course).

As for some of the other additions or changes to reissues, it baffles me how wrong they can get it.


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I just thank God it was Johnny who was responsible for those Smiths reissues a couple of years back rather than Moz, or we'd have had him arsing around with the tracklistings, covers and fonts etc. :(


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On one hand, I like that he changes the track lists because it gives me a reason to hold onto the originals, if that makes sense.

I was listening to the Your Arsenal reissue and the only thing he changed was using the single mix of “Tomorrow” right? Or am I not catching something else?


Makes good sense to me. That mix of Tomorrow is awful but makes me adore the original even more.


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Same reason I do stuff that might make someone dissatisfied, because I can and I want to. You change whatever the f$&@ you want morrissey.
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