Will The Smiths ever reform?

I personally dont want a SMITHS reunion, and i doubt that would ever ever ever happen anyway,

Although i dream of the day MOZ and MARR are on the same stage playing the classics, which i do think will happen one day.

Have they ever ruled this out in interviews? i know they both rule out a Smiths reunion but have never heard about them two working together mentioned.

George Bowling

I have often wondered that too. Anything is possible.


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Firstly, the possibility of a Morrissey/Marr reformation is fairly sizeable but the question is about The Smiths so......

No they won’t get back together and nor would I want them to. Firstly, the drummer is a complete muppet (explicitly demonstrated on that abhorrent DVD called 'inside the smiths’) and so I would hate to see him get the chance to share a stage with the great Morrissey ever again....he doesn't deserve it. Secondly, these types of big-money tours, where former great bands play their old tracks, are usually quite depressing to witness. There’s no chance of the 4 of them writing new material so what would be the point? At least with the Morrissey/Marr reformation idea they could conceivably write new songs, and I am willing to bet they would be great. With Morrissey’s new found powerful delivery and Marr’s expert knowledge of beautiful chord progression, I see it as a nailed on winner.

Just my thoughts for what they are worth......

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Will Morrissey and Marr ever get together again and perform publically?. I'm 45, will it ever happen in my lifetime, James did.

Morrissey hates Joyce Michael.
Marr strongly dislikes Joyce Michael.
Joyce Michael had virtually zero creative input into the songwriting process.

Marr and Morrissey have remained fairly good friends. Marr recently reflected on the last time they met up (within the last year), intending it to be for an hour or two and they spent five hours together.

There is a chance (a fairly strong one in my humble) that Moz and Marr will do something musical together again and, I would suggest, in the next 24 months.
There is absolutely zero chance of either of them working with Joyce Michael as a) they can't stand him and b) he brought very little to the creative side of the Smiths (he was by all accounts a good drummer).

So, no the Smiths won't ever reform but there is a 60% chance Moz and Marr will record or perform together once more.


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I really don't want The Smiths to reform.
I would like Morrissey to reform with Alain, Boz, Gary and Spencer.:thumb:


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Will Morrissey and Marr ever get together again and perform publically?. I'm 45, will it ever happen in my lifetime, James did.

I say: Yes!!

There is a promoter out there, that would offer them a buttload of dough to reform. When that happens, they will. Not all four of them, as Maurice put it so eloquently(they hate Joyce), I do believe that Marr and Morrissey will get together sometime & "reunite" to the delightment of fans. I dont buy/believe reports about them being offered $75 million to do it, as NO ONE would turn that down. I do believe for the right amount of dough(around $80-$100 million)...for ONLY one tour...it will happen. Thats just MO though(again, not w/Joyce, but possibly Rourke).

Crazy as it seems, I'm sticking by it.
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