Worst Moz Single?

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I'd say it's 'Hold On To Your Friends'

It's not a bad song but it's a bad choice for a single, it only had one B side, 'Moonriver'.


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I agree wholeheartedly. It isn't a bad song, it is just a terrible choice for a single on two grounds: it just doesn't work as a single and there are several better choices (Now My Heart is Full which for some reason was only released in the US or at least to the best of my knowledge, Billy Budd which did have a promo made for it, and even Spring-Heeled Jim and Speedway).

EDIT: Either that or Pregnant for the Last Time or Let Me Kiss You. I actually like the former but it is a shocking choice for a single, and the latter is way overrated and the last song that should've been released from YATQ (can someone tell me why he didn't release I Like You instead?)
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The live version of There is a light that never goes out. Its just he has so much material why bring out a smith song and a cover.
"Alma Matters"
Far too bland and unmoving. Too long, too repetitive. One of the few singles Moz has released that I usually will skip over on a cd or iTunes. "Let Me Kiss You" gives me a similar feeling. Neither are abominable by any means, just not single material in my eyes. In fact, I would have loved to have seen either of the b-sides to "Alma Matters", ("I Can have Both" & "Heir Apparent"), be a single themselves.


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should have been "Why Don`t You Find Out For Yourself" instead of HOTYF

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defo alma matters yawn!!!! and the video is unwatchable


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Oh god, the current single is surely a contender? A good song in it's own right but it doesn't suit Moz. My opinion anyhow.

Roy's Keen was a great single! Did you see the unreleased performance from top of the pops that got aired a while ago. Superb, I was singing along. It did have a nice cover though and lost as a b-side was inspired.
Let Me Kiss You

i actually like the Redondo Beach cover as a single...the Patti Smith version is virtually unlistenable to me

Sandy Shore

I have forgiven Jesus or November spawned a monster.

Sandy Shore

I have forgiven Jesus or November spawned a monster. I don´t consider There is a light live as a real Morrissey single. But it was a lousy one.


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Rushes said:
Sunny. It pootles along but doesn't really go anywhere. Strange choice for a single.

Well I love Sunny. Anyway, Moz didn't intend for it to be a single. Originally it was going to a b-side to Boxers. His former record company (I can never remember any of the labels he's been signed to) then released it as a single with the b-sides Black-Eyed Susan, which was originally going to be a b-side to The More You Ignore Me, and A Swallow on My Neck, which was recorded but apparently Moz had no intentions of releasing it.


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poprenaissance said:
oh rushes...you throw a spanner into our friendship works. ;)

i LOVE 'sunny'. worst has to be 'our frank'. 'pregnant' rocks too.

Waaah! I repent!

....But it still pootles. :p

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Sunny is such a great song it beggars belief that somebody - anybody - especially a Moz fan - wouldn't like it. Rather than going nowhere, it is actually very carefully, cleverly constructed and builds to a mini-crescendo. I can think of a hundred Morrissey songs that, in a sense, go nowhere structurally... but Sunny isn't one of them.

Worse single would be Quija Board... which would have been fine as a b-side but practically killed his solo career at the time. Our Frank and SIng Your Life aren't great either - pleasant, but not great. I always felt Let Me Kiss You was weak as a single too.
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