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Yeah, and tattoos are painful.
I think she's silly, but I guess she must love Paul McCartney a lot
to go through with it.
Paul McCartney could happily scribble in chidish pen strokes all over my face, and I would get it tattooed!!!
The man is a genius, when it comes to songwriting ( ....even I can forgive the soppy Shite.....).

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I was standing next to a bloke with a tattoo on his neck once, one of those "Mum" "Dad" "Tracy" Jeremy Kyle jobs in a pub but I couldnt make out what it said til about the third peek (he was a right gorilla)

It said... "Brighouse"
When I saw Paul McCartney playing at Hyde Park last month there was a girl stood near me who requested to have her butt signed by Paul. Unfortunately for her...he said no.
it's worth more on ebay
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