You Should Have Been Nice to Me demo, AKA Laughing Anne


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Since this has been discussed over on the main forum, could someone kindly provide a link to the demo version? As Stephane says, the version named Laughing Anne is really You Should Have Been Nice to Me. It seems to be the only Alain / Boz demo (or, so-called "Miraval session") from Southpaw that I don't have on my hard drive.



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beat me to it Peter

This link will get you

1.Honey you know where to find me
2.I Know Very Well How I got My Name
3.I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong
4.Stay As You Are
5.Children In Pieces
6.November The 2nd
7.Nothing Rhymed
8. Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness Moz version
9.Kit (Boz Boorer)
10.There Speaks A True Friend
11.East West
12.You Must Please Remember
13.Laughing Anne
14.Untitled instrumental 1
15.Untitled instrumental 2
16.Get Off The Stage
17.Jack The Ripper (studio)
18.You've Had Her
19.Journalists Who Lie
20.Oh Well I'll Never Learn
21.Skin Storm
22.Sorrow Will Come In The End
23.Tony The Pony
24.Heir Apparent
25.I Can Have Both
27.The Edges Are No Londer Parralel
28.This Is not Your Country
29.Now I Am A Was
30.Irish Blood English Heart Demo
31.The Public Image
32.Slum Mums
33.Interlude (moz only)
34.Reader Meet Author rough take
35.Boy Racer instrumental





I've listed cossy's earlier download link on bootleg/download directory thread on top of the forum, no one bothers to check it.

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