Young Morrissey sitting on a car


It's all good
Posted by the fragrant Morrisseysmum on Twitter...
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I see a little David Byrne in young Moz. It's likely just the gangly stature and slightly oversized head.
It's a cute pic, thanks for sharing.


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The girls look like they're wearing Burger King crowns. Do you have those in England?

Drew a swallow

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Strange and beautiful. He looks almost....content?


My secret's my enzyme.
I think that pic was taken in the US. The car is a Chevy. Burger King hats. I dunno though.

Yeah, I pointed that out. They do drive Chevy's in England you know.

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“My childhood is streets upon streets upon streets upon streets. Streets to define you and streets to confine you, with no sign of motorway, freeway or highway, until we went on holiday to the United States. In 1969."

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