Club Rio - additional info
by Jim

He is trimmer than the maladjusted tour, and he wore a velvet-like smoking jacket (black with burgundy-ish lapels) a t-shirt that read "West Ham Boy's Club", blue jeans, and a Mexican Flag belt buckle.

Quite relaxed and very upbeat from his previous concert tours, he ripped through the set... it lasted one hour and twenty-five minutes... incidentally the longest performance I personally have ever seen.

Some quips...during "The Teachers are Afraid..." he changed the words at one point from "To Be Finished Would Be A Relief" to "To Be Mexican Would Be A Relief." On "Roy's Keen" there was another lyric switch...from "Never Seen A Keener Window Cleaner" to Never Seen A Keener Middle Finger."

No backdrop. Intermission music was a variety of 60's britpop, some rockabilly, and some postpunk stuff, along with a spoken word performance art piece that wasn't very easy to make out.