3 month contract, 3 months of music & Trinity GESE(China)

the above pic is a reminder of why I could not stay here in Chengdu or another huge Chinese "mega city" for another year
sure, three more months, that's a contract I was willing to sign, came with a bonus and a 10% raise, but it means I will be here til the end of July :straightface:
now to "my music charts" of the last 3 months:

So I play one VNV Nation song back in mid Feb and I guess it opened some kind of flood gate.
I see Morrissey has made a return to near the top and Claude-Michel Schönberg is the writer of "Les Miz" & "Miss Saigon" his name would appear more often on these lists but I usually change the artist to whoever is singing the songs and have not done this with the "movie versions" yet. Then come some of the ladies whose voices make me smile.
Skylar Grey, Lana Del Rey &

the Dum Dum Girls, I liked that Smiths cover they did, but only got around to recently getting a bunch of their stuff, also, gotta say, its nice when a band looks like close to what I would imagine them being like :blushing:
they now are near the top of the list of bands I will likely never see perform, but really want to.
Now to the specific top 30 songs of the last 3 months:

OK, so I really like 3 songs by Foster the People, but some other real different stuff on there near the top "You Can Get Murked" is a rap song I tend to play when I am :squiffy:
There are some others on here I enjoy playing when I have company, two that come to mind are:
With You & Far From Any Road
Lastly, there are two ways to get the accreditation I need to teach anywhere I want.
One is to take an intensive 4 to 6 week course and then take the exams for it.

take the series of exams of on my own, one(of the four) is going to be given here in Chengdu at the end of May
and my work will pay for it so I am taking it, how I do will affect how I go about this whole getting more education creds thing
in the end, I might just go somewhere and not work and while I go to classes, still don't know yet :confused:


realitybites;bt2275 said:
Great that you can take that exam and your work will pay for it.
yeah & maybe if I wear a mask and never smoke I can learn to live with being in Chengdu :straightface:
there may be other reasons to stay which I shall not go into on my public blog :o

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