6 months of music, 6 weeks no booze & other thoughts on China

a lot of sad stuff I see, to be expected this time of the year for me :straightface:
CHVRCHES, is my one new find of the last few months, and I guess I have been using TMBG & Nicola Roberts to pick me up when I am really down :o
and I assume that Claude-Michel Schönberg refers to "Les Miz" & "Miss Saigon"
always high on my list as we build to July 14th :rolleyes:
been watch a lot of the "Les Miz" 25th anniversary concert as well
now onto the songs:

"Let It Go" is #1, no surprise, its become my song to play before going out to AA meeting or just when I am feeling like being so on my own is too much too handle
31 "Everything Counts" played it a lot when was deciding what to do job wise
27 "You Get What You Give" its a mantra I really take to heart, how true it is, I have 0 idea,, but it feels like a better way to live, at least for me
26 "Beloved" thats a lot of crying :eek:, no, not every time anymore, but still, jeezo mineezo, I am guessing a number of those were around Feb 14th and I was totally :squiffy:
26 "You Can Get Murked" I do love me that wrap song, reminds me of all the trash talking that goes on in the internet, that would never fly in RL
24 "Post Blue - Chinese mix" every Chinese person I play it for loves it and so do I
24 "Far From Any Road" this song from True Detective has really stuck with me

Well, when I started this post, I was going to say a lot about what is going on for me right now, or not as the case is more like, but I am getting tired, caffeine wearing off.
I did have a good "last hurrah" night that will have to last for the next 2 months, I go to a 50 hour, 6 day work schedule come this Wednesday for July and August :cool:
I am already forseeing that this coming ex-anniversary is going to be particularly hard. I am going to do my best to try and make it through it sober, I've done it one other time in the last 8, so it can be done :thumb:
the thing that is most frustrating though, is that I have had multiple people I know tell me that my ex is in a bad way, I heard all this right before leaving for China in May of last year, but someone who I trust, who still knows her told me she was fine now
then I get these unsolicited new reports about her from other sources saying that is not the case
the rational thing to do is to trust in my judgement from last year, but its not so easy
the desire to fixate can be overpowering sometimes, hence the bottle in the past
but not this time :pray: willing


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