6 months of music, the book of Job/6 months in China & what is to go on beyond?

mood: hope tinged with a bit of melancholy
music: "Les Miz"

interesting, I see my adoration for "Lana Del Rey" endures :horny: can't wait to see what she does next
a lot of "electronic" too and the 70s I cannot explain or the Beatles :confused: still, its all good, eclectic, like me
now, as to my time in China, I feel reborn and love is within me a 2nd time since coming here :blushing:
but this time I have consulted an old friend of mine from childhood, my bible :eek:
on my issues of love I put them to it and my finger grasped:

page 336-337 of it, which is near the end of "Job" when he is trying NOT to make sense of the horrors he endured
no, no, I understand those all too well, however this was to the end of "Job" where he recovers had has a "2nd life"
could it be? this is the same for me?
can I let the past die the death it deserves and only look to the future?
f*** man, I'm going to give it my all
and live these years to their fullest
even though, life killed the first dream I dreamed :o


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