Bday yesterday, today thxgivin

My birth and being thankful, the two always go hand in hand. So let's get it over with.
I'm thankful for this meal;
Bbq duck, some excellent bread in the form of "spinach sticks", a topping mix of (tomatoes, cilantro, spicy dried peas and some vinegar), another one of mayo mixed with hot sauce(my last from America). In reserve, potato chips and spicy tofu squares.
Oh yeah, beer to wash it all down.
I'm thankful for having all the basics of life, plus since 7 pm yesterday, electricity and Internet as well(those last to are somehow related to each other, right?)

Also, I'm thankful that though these last 3 months have been the most horrible in my life in a decade. They haven't been nearly as bad the first couple of years after my divorce.

Remember folks, it can always be worse.

I'm thankful for China reminding me of that, here there really is "no bottom".
Nobody gonna save you from you, but you.

Lastly, I'm thankful that I still have some hope that the future could be better.
The glass may no longer be half full, but at least it ain't empty.

Ps: thankful for the friends I've made here in China, especially one above all others and another a whole lot too, I think they know who they are.
Pps: one is Welsh, the other Chinese, if you had told me just 5 years ago that my best friends would be such? I'd have laughed and laughed, but as I think about it, I believe I might be doing some thing right...


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