Breaking free one last time


When push comes to shove, she’s with them against you :straightface:
sooner you realize that, the better dude :o
Got to get out of here and be free of all of these people, no exceptions...

Ok, so they could see I was pissed and they gave me the lowdown, which is good, cuz while I could just never speak to most of my fam ever again and it really be a blessing, fact is, I love my mom dearly, always will and I’d like to soak up as much of seeing her before I go off globetrotting again. She’s getting to that age, where I just assume every time I see her could be the last...


world get's more violent Robby, some see no worth in a life, happens way too much all over the world, 100's in a few hours

I dearly would live in pure wide nature, starting building a house...

Take care,

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Oh my god. it's Robby!
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