CG Manic episode in Costco, best to ignore...

At the time my dad was pointing to something on the other side of this display but he was pointing at the display, the general theme of the discussion at the store for two hours was this:


About everything from food to cuddling to frustrations to happiness to contentments. And this is what was in the basket before we hit the meat department:


The "per bag" could be substituted with "ice" or issey since my mom's been pestering me to buy ice the last two days, it's on the cosmic table to piece together a message. But I think the "see" in 3-seed on the bread package completes the signature of 33 degreeness.

Whether a mask or the real thing, there you go. It seemed real because he was kinda begging me to help him pass. In Bird of course. My dad IRL was just shopping for food. :)

ALSO, I just thought of it, underneath the bread is a box of Raisin Bran. He was talking about not remembering alot, but an awareness of not being alone but being careful, Raising Barn. I guess that could be an Amish thing too but other things indicated an affinity with the old photos.


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