Dead Dad Day

13 years on it still hurts, he'd be 67 today, miss him so, wrote a "13 year report" on what he's missed, starting with 9/11 :rolleyes: up to recapping my current adventures in China :thumb:
then deleted, I suppose I realized it was, kind of, like sending out a prayer into the cosmos

anyways, gonna listen to some Billy Joel now in his honor:
then maybe some the Doors, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen(yes, my father did like some excellent stuff), Mozart, Miles Davis, Vangelis and strangest of all, after he passed, I found Björk's first 2 solo albums in his CD collection, one of those unanswered question, possibly he liked her because of hearing me play the Sugarcubes when I was a teen :guitar:
or he just thought she was pretty and bought the CD :brows:
or a gift from someone for him :confused:
but no, it looked well played, the jewel case had wear so did the CD inside
or or or
oh the unanswered questions that stick with us about our beloved dead
from the sublime to the banal :o


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