A week now since everything kicked off, lost my new job and home all in one go. Where to start?

Well, I first started to suspect something was up when my mom went down to visit my brother for a few days in late November and my boss, D. came into work, not from his house which is down the hill from the office but was dropped off one time by somebody I didn’t see and another time he came in with the other guy who works in the office. Oh, important detail, my boss was my mother’s boyfriend, its how I got this opportunity and though I didn’t live with them, I lived in a nearby pickers cabin and was in the office almost everyday with him. It just all started to add up, fake appointments, gone for hours for bs reasons, even telling my mother about showings I made as if he did and then somebody made a comment when he and I were in the local hardware store, I heard them say in reference to my mother: “that poor woman” as we got back in the car I just said, “whatever this is, its gotta stop” that night was NYE. Some people were over including ones who knew, I went to bed early. I woke up to her, my mom, knocking on my door and telling me we had to leave or at least she did, but her still not fully understanding & while I’d only been up there a few months, she’d been up there for like 9 by then and this had prolly been going on the whole time. The scumbag did indeed say I could stay if I wanted, but when I said I couldn’t after what he did to my mother, well, lets just say things went from bad to worse. Funny thing is, though he’s the one who called the cops?

They made it clear they were there more for our protection than his, that he’d gotten rid of other people before like this and the cop even explained to him that my mother and I basically had renter’s rights. I told him we wouldn’t need long to get all our stuff. My mom stayed with me that night in my cabin, then we moved my stuff back here to my brother’s and went back for the rest of her stuff on Sunday.
& so ends another adventure, one that ended in total disaster, but for once, none of this was my own doing, I wish I could blame somebody else, but D. had me fooled too, what a creep...


I hope you can handle what happened Robby, I'm flabbergasted what happened, stay calm and maybe keep an eye at your mother though you both went through this. I wish you some time of coming at ease and make new plans, don't let that bastard ruin your life, be well Robby, waving from the Netherlands

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