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So yesterday were cleaning out this cabin and I started out my usual happy go lucky self when working and well, were not in the building a minute and I can just feel something is weird, but I just get the job done then I ask what’s the deal with the place. Every dwelling has a story, its an old picker cabin converted into a family house years ago. The last fam in it was an elderly couple and their middle aged son, the son died from pneumonia last winter, the mom died shortly after then the dad basically drank himself to death up in there alone and passed a few months ago. Three deaths in one year in a small building, it just leaves an imprint, my boss could see it affected me, even before I knew any of that. So after he took me flying in his plane, his bigger one, two controls up front, even let me fly some, complimented on my soft touch of the controls, I asked him to put me through some paces, I made a 360 degree turn without changing altitude much or even looking at the altimeter which was hard to see from the left cockpit anyhoo. Seems I have I’m in touch with my natural sense of space in not just 2 dimension but 3, who knew! So yeah, quite a day…


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