Get that thing away from me

Approximately 5 days ago I started to not feel so hot. I assumed it was just nicotine withdrawals and just got some nicotine on Friday. This turned out to be a big mistake for what I actually had was the mother of all flus!
I shall not go into details but let’s just say after soldiering on for days, something inside me just dissolved away. The pain hit me all at once, head, stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, just the worst and all because of my wonderful little nephew, he’s adorable but a f***ing germ factory.
This episode has me rethinking going back to teaching, all that exposure to little kids and their breath being awash in viruses, all that, the idea of it frankly terrifies me right now....


Wish it's over Robby, the flu, I always get a cold/lots,but flu never, think due my meds. Take care Robby, and thanks for the song, the whole album is im my tops 3favourite Morrissey albums. Get well, waving from Best.

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Oh my god. it's Robby!
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