its her birthday

mood: this is one of the hardest days of the year
music: different versions of Always Something There To Remind Me by various artists, including:
this version :guitar:
anyways, nuff said about that I suppose, time to pour another glass of

and might as well compare some of my music listening charts:

this one is from today and the next is from Sept 22nd of 2013:

Moz seems to plug pretty consistently @ about 900 of his songs listened to by me every year since I started this uhh, life, well, you know, if not, its really best not said at this point is it?
I mean the years just roll on by we live, we learn, do what we have to fill that hole that really only could be filled by
but I digress, back to comparing the charts :rolleyes:
Placebo looks set to overtake The Smiths sometime soon for 3rd place and likely Apoptygma Berzerk for 2nd not long after that, they've just become my "go to" band when I am dwelling on certain things too long, somehow listening to them for an hour or so just helps shake me out of it :straightface:
usually I mix them with tracks by Regina Spektor & Utada Hikaru, who also continue to rise up my charts as "APB" "YYYs" & "SuzieV" just get played less and less.
Hmm, I could say more pointless crap, but if I am indeed going out then that means shaving which I should do before I'm too drunk...

ps: other noteworthy risers on my charts:
CombiChrist, Crystal Castles, VNV Nation, Pulp, Leonard Cohen & Emilie Simon - who is one of the favorite musicians I've discovered in the last couple of years
pps: the other big chart position losers were:
all the "Jpop" I use t0 listen to that is NOT Hikki(Utada Hikaru), Alizee, Falco & Chicks on Speed


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