It's Poetry Darlings!!

Oh my god said:
so Monday was a hard day for me :straightface: I don't know about you all :o
but that tends to make me drink :squiffy: which sometimes leads to drunken writing I shall now post from my OL journal :eek:

I'd like some TB with my MG

I empty my desire into the full faced sky
But the moon, she hangs low and stares back at me
Desperate to see her again
I search the sky for some glimmer of her reflection
For just one fleeting instance it is there!

Then the despair returns with the coming dawn
Yet still I await for another night
When her face will turn to me
From her dark hair that fills the sky
And finally she will take me back again

-so kids, stay off the booze, or you too may write things like this :crazy:


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