My step dad died 415 days ago, he was only 67, set to retire at the end of last year, missed that by half a year, oh the cruel irony of that, tireless worker his whole life, one of those things that makes one certain there is no god or if so, what a total dick this supposed deity is & so yeah, his death, my step dad, it still hits me hard sometimes, like today weirdly I guess.

Its my mom’s birthday and normally I’d have been helping him figure out what to get for her before today because he was horrible at that stuff, but she’s got a new boyfriend just now and I’m happy for her and all, I mean it’s not like I expected her to stay in mourning forever or something. If anything, I’m jealous of people who can move on. I don’t think I ever really move on, it’s always some new pain on top of the old, I remember them all, the dead, the merely departed from my life, those just so far away(globetrotting is fun, but makes it hard to stay connected) but thank God for my little nephews, otherwise my real life now would be inhabited mostly with ghosts and strangers...


Hi Robbby, my dad died 24 feb 1999 was 66, he had 3 strokes first at his 63. Just want to add after almost 20 years, I still miss him, and if I could have 5 seconds with Him, I would die happy...the 3 word , I love you...my condoleances Robby. Got a alert you have a blog, so I'm looking a bit, I will return :thumb:, all the best from www.gemeentebest.nl
Oh! I just saw this comment Robby, because I received a notification of celibate's comment. Yes, I'm still in Canada, in Vancouver, but you asked me if the smoke had cleared, so you already knew. I read you were going to be near Canada. If you ever come to Vancouver let me know!
Thanks guys and sorry about your dad Celibate, I was lucky to have two for a while. My real dad was in the picture lots after he got sober but died at 53 in 2001, yesterday he’d have been 71. Think of both now, somewheres having a non alcoholic beer or two.
Yeah redp, I hope make it up your way sometime for sure, had good times up in BC before :)

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