my birthday or 1 month til Xmas

mood: drunk
music: my own personal best of ladies I love from "musicals"

As to the pic, well, it includes two things I have adored for as long as I can remember.
So how could it not make me smile on my birthday?
Don't get me wrong, tonight here alone in China is purposefully just for me. ln 20 hours or so I will be out and about with others, one in particular, celebrating(blech) aging another year.
A year of change to be sure, and mostly of ones I should be happy with, but no, I am not content, maybe I am not meant to be, but later I will be all smiles, all tiny sips of beer, playing a part, one which I say is not me, but it has rewarded me, so why not?
At least as long as I am here, I will do my best to hide the darkness within me, perhaps we should all do that.
On to more frivolous topics such as a year in music, ie, from my last birthday:

Maria Callas leaps to 10th just from a few weeks of playing, interesting and Regina Spektor is atop the list, I guess I played her alot after her album came out last year, well, I know I did, I adore her so, my only problem with her is that perhaps she is too perfect?
if so, I will gladly continue to enjoy her and others atop the list like:

Émilie Simon, who would be my "#1" for the year were my watching of vides counted :blushing:
now on to songs for "my last year":

Ok, number one is no surprise to me, since finding this Ellie Goulding song I have used it to get up on many a hard morning and who wouldn't?
I believe my "musical love affair" with her is just beginning, this English dynamo is sure to be one I keep an eye on for many a year.
As to the next song, yes its country and its 4 great singers of the genre, I love everything about it, it speaks to my soul.
Next is an "IAMX" song that frakkin A, just, well, just listen, I'm drunk and dont wanna say shit I shouldn't, the song says it for me.
Also, I note that songs with Susanne Sundfør seem to top the list, I guess I just adore the sound of her voice...


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