rather than visit "home" in April, I wish some people there could just come see me here, you know?

Today just shows one more time that not just our politicians suck, THE AMERICAN PUBLIC SUCKS!
I mean cmon man, granted, the Democrats are mostly a bunch of incompetent cowardly "pseudo-liberals" who have long since been in the pockets of WALL STREET SCUM* & a myriad of special interests groups who masquerade (@ best) as progressive members of the "bourgeois" that care about the working class and poor of the USA.
However, the idea that this true about the "Democratic Party" has been a total load of shit for at least half a century** now.

But to reward the Obstructionist Religious Racist Right wing of American politics, who are mostly just shills for the worst of our country: THE SUPER RICH ELITE & the corporations they own.
To give them more power, these betrayers of 99% of the core principles of the party of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt & Eisenhower, well, its just the height of absurdity.

Once again, by voting, the American electorate has only made things worse, I guarantee it.
&t hey aint gonna get better til enough people disengage from the process and possibly take extreme measures to oppose it!!!

*=bailing out Wall Street with tons of our $, while at the same time letting so many working class Americans lose their homes was one of the greatest crimes perpetrated on the American public by a Democratic president since LBJ got us into a major land war in Indochina.
**=I like to give JFK the benefit of the doubt that he would not have become the loser so many Democratic presidents turn out to be once they are in office for longer then he was allowed to be by the "Super Rich Elite" who undoubtedly had him killed because it looked like he might be able to do some good & you must know that such is the last thing the people who really OWN & CONTROL our country ever want any of our politicians to ever be able to do...


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