single again

mood: cold cuz its cold, wishing I was a good liar so this did not happen :straightface: & drinking but not drunk, I got work tomorrow
music: Where'd you go (feat. Skylar Grey) by Fort Minor

no surprise, but still it hurts you know? but happy she did the right thing, right?
I mean come on, I am a terrible boyfriend, and could I ever respect a woman who would endure the shit I pull?
no, but I might love her for it :eek:
and its a small thing, but before "Valentine's Day" really?
not that she was thinking about that, it happens to be a holiday here, but thats only because it represents the end of the "New Years" festivities
what will I do with my time instead of being with S.?
what I should have been doing all along, looking for a new job
and looking on the bright side :rolleyes:
4 months, a mini record for me in the last half decade or so
and, and, need I say it?
but all break ups post HER, are like water off a duck's back when seen in relation :o
and confirmation that yes, yes, I am oh so dumpable :cool:


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