so yeah, this is happening


been a long time since under 220, but I know that's the easy weight to lose, its the next 17 pounds that will require more than just not eating junk, but actual effort :o


hope it will be better than last months, thanks [middle age burn out, fysicly, well never believed of becoming 0ver 53] Thx for the best wishes
life changed so much last 2 decades, people killl someone for a few pounds/$/Euroos...I've have 3 catlife crosses [coma, being drive over riding my bicycle, and an attack with a knife, scarves on my arm, to protect my more dangerous parts], but hey I survived, so yes I hope to become 54 in this mad world[ tears for fears over Gary Jules] in April, so we were lucky to been there when The Smiths ruled the indie 80's, waving beautifull friends
Sorry you had to go through that. I hope the world will treat you kindly in the future.
Awesome, remember it’s the long game.

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