the battle continues

Two weeks now since the last life altering cataclysm befell me and while my rule is to only weigh myself no more than once a month or so, the scale here in the in the bathroom beckons to me every time I go in there, cuz yeah, I wanna know, I’m sure the thing I miss most about those 2 months, my daily walks along the river and fields, lacking now from my life is also putting the pounds back on, but how much?
Well, here goes, the update:

Weight - Date:
219 lbs - 1/17/19

2 more lbs than I ended last year at, but still 20 or less than a year ago, however, a pound a week or so would put me back where I was at and that’s not acceptable.
The cold is not the problem here, I’m a Stark in my heart after all, its the places to walk, one field by the freeway is bout the only thing close here, the rest is this suburban sprawl so common here in the USA that I just loathe, I love to walk cities with big buildings or the woods, don’t know how to explain it, somewhere real, next place I go to has to meet this requirement, ruins nearby would be best but even jungle, tundra, desert, whatever, just not this. Still, I shall venture out now into the cold and rain and walk, its the only time I think clearly anyhoo…


I find it good Robby you gained not in a year, sometimes you try and think 'why the h*** am I doing this'..well sometimes you dont move ahead, to make bigger weight loss in the coming period, don't give up Robby , all the best from the Netherlands

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