the quarantine


1. wearing a mask sucks, especially when I wear my glasses, every time I breathe, they fog up cuz its still cold here as well
2. no work for a week more was no biggie, but into a month now and its brutal, especially since its not like you can go places really, nothing is going on in the city and traveling to other places it defo not to be suggested as a laowai myself
3. way to kill a budding romance? perhaps, maybe its for the best, I dont know, dont push things anymore, too old for that shit
4. I was without internet at all for almost a week til last night, talk about nightmare
5. the virus, f*** that shit, I fear nothing, the mask is just because its the rules, you're not allowed to go around outside without one...


Yes covid19 its fake reality.
Hi. Did you remember the words Mozz sing on 14.03.2020 in London ??? can you write down to me ?

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