* tonight & its Valentine's Day, f*** man...

for the locals its really been two weeks of celebrations, but today marks the end to those with the

*=Lantern Festival, just a short while ago I was all set to go out and have a night of it, but not now
now for me its just another lonely VD :straightface:
so probably just gonna play

this playlist on repeat once night falls and watch things from balcony high up above so much of the city...


I'll try and you too, OK?
got a buddy whose Canadian gf broke up with him, Chinese guy, perhaps I'll hang out with him and share the strange "universality" of the cruelty;) of "foreign women" :rolleyes:
DAVIE;bt2146 said:
Well I didn't know you listen to a bit of Enya! I've got all her albums. We share the same birth date too :)
my mother loves her music & Clannad, I have adored that particular song since hearing it in:

thinking back though, I can remember hearing some of her other stuff played at Goth clubs back in the days...

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