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[[Category:Morrissey Lyrics]]
[[Category:Morrissey Lyrics]]
== Lyrics ==
== Lyrics ==

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Cover art
Name Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
Album/Single Viva Hate
Length 1:40
Recorded Autumn-Winter 1987
Writer Morrissey/Street
Producer Stephen Street



Angel, Angel

Don't take your life tonight...

I know they take and that they take in turn And they give you nothing real for yourself in return But when they've used you and they've broken you And wasted all your money and cast your shell aside And when they've bought you and they've sold you And they've billed you for the pleasure and they've made your parents cry

I will be here OH, BELIEVE ME I will be here ...Believe me

Angel, don't take your life Some people have got no pride They do not understand the urgency of life But I love you more than life I love you more than life I love you more than life I love you more than life

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