Ipswich, England 1985-03-11 (The Smiths concert)

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The Smiths Live Concert
Tour Meat Is Murder Tour
Date 11 March, 1985
Venue Gaumont Theatre
Location Ipswich, England
Opening Act James

Set List [1]


Live Recordings


Unofficial Releases

This concert has been released on the Music Is Magnificent bootleg LP. This is an incomplete release. The following songs are omitted: William, It Was Really Nothing, How Soon Is Now?, Stretch Out And Wait, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, Handsome Devil, Hand In Glove, Still Ill and Miserable Lie.

A lossless version is available at Smiths Torrents. MP3 versions are available at the usual places.

References And Notes

  1. Set List provided by Passions Just Like Mine