Peepholism: Into The Art Of Morrissey

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Peepholism: Into The Art Of Morrissey
Name Peepholism: Into The Art Of Morrissey
Author Jo Slee
Pages 176 (Paperback)
176 (Hardback)
Release 23 September 1994 (Paperback)
23 September 1994 (Hardback)
Publisher Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd
ISBN 028306210X (Paperback)
0283062096 (Hardback)


As his personal assistant Jo Slee is perfectly placed to author this pictorial discography of the art of Morrissey, from record sleeves to stage backdrops. Starting at This Charming Man all through his career to Vauxhall And I inclusive. Combined with a selection of source material, Jo reveals anecdote, and notes on each release, photographs and fragments of Morrissey's original work.
The book's front cover photography is by Russell Young.

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