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{| id="songbox" class="infbox wikitable" cellspacing="2"
! colspan="2" | MORRISSEY Song
| Name = Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness
| Album = [[Bona_Drag|Bona Drag (20th Anniversary Edition)]]
| Name  
| Length = 2:09
| {{{Name |<span class="unknown">Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness</span>}}}
| Writer = Morrissey/Street
| Producer = [[Stephen Street]]
| Album/Single
| Recorded = Late 1987
| {{{Album |<span class="unknown">[[Bona_Drag]] (20th Anniversary Edition)</span>}}}{{
| Release = October 2010
#if:{{{Track |}}}
| ArtistType = Morrissey
| <span class="small">&#32;({{{Track}}})</span>
| Length
| {{{Length |<span class="unknown">2:09</span>}}}
| Recorded
| {{{Recorded |<span class="unknown">Late 1987</span>}}}
| Writer
| {{{Writer |<span class="unknown">Morrissey/Street</span>}}}
| Producer
| {{{Producer |<span class="unknown">[[Stephen Street]]</span>}}}
[[Category:Morrissey Lyrics]]
[[Category:Morrissey Lyrics]]
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* [[Morrissey]] - Vocals <br>
* [[Stephen Street]] - Bass guitar, guitars<br>
* [[Vini Reilly]] - Guitars, keyboard<br>
* [[Andrew Paresi]] - Drums<br>
* John Metcalfe - Viola<br>
* Fenella Barton - Violin<br>
* Mark Davies - Cello<br>
* Richard Koster - Violin<br>
* Robert Wollard - Cello<br>
* Rachel Maguire - Cello<br>
* Producer - Stephen Street<br>
* Assistant Engineer - Steve Williams<br>
* Art co-ordination - [[Jo Slee]]<br>
* Layout - Caryn Gough<br>
* Photography - [[Anton Corbijn]]<br>
* Photography - Steve Wright<br>
{{CommonSongSections | Artist =  Morrissey | Song = {{#replace:{{#replace:{{PAGENAME}}| (single)|}}| (song)|}}}}
{{CommonSongSections | Artist =  Morrissey | Song = {{#replace:{{#replace:{{PAGENAME}}| (single)|}}| (song)|}}}}

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Name Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness
Album/single Bona Drag (20th Anniversary Edition)
Length 2:09
Writer/composer Morrissey/Street
Producer Stephen Street
Release October 2010
Recorded Late 1987


  • A version of this song is available on the Reader Meet Author bootleg LP and also the Revelation bootleg LP.
  • Sandie_Shaw released her version of the song as a single from the "Hello Angel" album in 1988.
  • One of the unreleased (now leaked) versions of the song contains both Morrissey & Sandie Shaw's vocals.


Please help the cause against loneliness Would you like to note my home address? Please help the cause against loneliness Would you kindly note my inside leg? I don't mind when you come 'round If it's the daytime then I might be in bed I'm so very young I am so really really young

Please help the cause against loneliness Would you like a list of my dislikes? There are people with problems I know this I've known this for years There are paupers and peers who have problems

I don't mind what time you come 'round If it's the weekend then I just might be dead I'm so very young I am so really really young

I'm so young I'm so young I am so young I am so young I am so really really young

I am so young So young

Live History

Play count (Morrissey concert): 0

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Discogs information (additional release)


My disk runs 45RPM on boht side stands nowhere on realease

Label A: Linder Music / Warner Bros. Music / Virgin Music Label B1: Tatham Music / MCA Music Label B2: Tatham Music / Fortissimo Music Made in England


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