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British remix service, and holding company. Disco Mix Club went into Liquidation in March 2023. However, DMC has been taken over by another company BUT still operates under the same name: DMC. All activities continue as before!

"Disco Mix Club" started as a remix service from the UK which still exists, founded by Tony Prince.

DMC started first in February 1983 with cassettes, then in July 1984 they left the cassettes, instead issuing on vinyl. There were one or more records with mixes and one or more records with previews. Now the main issues are on CD.

In 1986 they started a DJ mixing contest which is still held every year.

NOTE: Concerning the monthly DJ-only remix service issues: From 1990 to 1998 the US branch of DMC issued individual issues or sets that had some different track listings than the UK DMC releases due to licensing issues.

Since 2010, DMC started re-pressing older Commercial Collection on CD-R's instead of the original silver CD's. And since 2014 all releases appear on CD-R.

DMC also runs magazines "Mixmag" in the UK, and "Mixer" in the US.

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