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François Kevorkian


Credited with creating the This Charming Man New York mixes.
In Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance, Rogan writes:

The closing weeks of 1983 were a turbulent time for The Smiths. Apart from the sad departure of Joe Moss, there were additional niggles following the appearance of a dance version of ‘This Charming Man’. François Kevorkian’s New York remix was intended originally as a limited edition 12-inch single for clubs and disc jockeys until Geoff Travis championed a full UK release. Unfortunately, the dance mix conflicted with the group’s purist vision of pop and met a particularly cold response from their predominantly indie based fan following. Morrissey blamed Rough Trade for needlessly milking The Smiths and implored, “It was entirely against our principles, the whole thing; it didn’t seem to belong with us.”

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French producer and DJ based in New York City, born January 10, 1954, in Rodez, France. Kevorkian started DJing in New York in 1976 while playing the drums in a club where Walter Gibbons was DJing. He was also responsible for many remixes on Prelude Records where he worked in A&R. He had many guest appearences at the legendary Paradise Garage and toured with Larry Levan in Japan shortly before Larry's death. He also was resident at Body And Soul with Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell. He runs Wave Music and owns Axis Studios. Married to Tomoko Kevorkian.

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François Kevorkian (born 10 January 1954), also known by the stage name François K, is a French-born, U.S.-based DJ, producer, remixer and label owner of Armenian descent, who started his career DJing in clubs such as the Paradise Garage and Studio 54. Kevorkian has produced and remixed work by a diverse range of musicians including the Smiths, Adam Ant, Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan and U2, and is considered one of the forefathers of house music.