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Contributed a cover version of This Night Has Opened My Eyes to Godfathers Of Change Vol. 1: A Tribute To The Smiths (1997).

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Underwater was an Atlanta, GA based trip-hop band formed in 1996 with Jeremy Wilkins on keyboards/programming/guitar and Melissa Mileski on vocals. Both Wilkins and Mileski were previously in the Florida based ethereal-goth band, Rosewater Elizabeth. The band later added Alec Irvin on drums and keyboardist/programmer/remixer, Matthew Jeanes.

The group's first album, I Could Lose, produced by Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails, was released on Risk Records in 1998. The band also released an independent single, RED., and a second full-length on their own label, sub:marine, entitled, This Is Not A Film. The band broke up in 2001 after various personal developments and tragedies. In 2007 Wilkins and Mileski temporarily reunited and released a new EP, Welcome Home, with an additional multi-instrumentalist, George Lewis III, on board.

Members went on to allegra gellar, hawks do not share, and larvae

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