Morrissey interview: "I Prefer It When They Don't Understand" by Caroline North / Dallas Observer

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Morrissey: "I Prefer It When They Don't Understand" - Dallas Observer

A brief interview.
The relevant part of the article:

"In our email exchange with Morrissey he answers questions about everything from his public image to his favorite vegan recipe, and we see a more gracious side to the artist than has typically appeared in the media as of late.

Who are you reading right now?
I'm following the daily flood of reports on Predicament Trump and his administration. He's very exhausting, isn't he? Mad magazine finally comes to life.

Is there something you wish people knew or understood about you?
I prefer it when they don't understand.

Which song are you most proud of? Are there any you dislike and would prefer to never play again?
I'm proud of most of them. There's only three or four which I think are ridiculous...

Abrahan Garza interviews Morrissey for the Houston Press

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Morrissey Speaks: "Give In to Numbness... You've Earned it."
"Can someone check on Abrahán Garza. Is he doing OK?"

— random Facebook status update from a friend

When word came through in December that Morrissey had cancelled Houston (yes, again), the texts and private messages starting rolling in. When I saw footage where the beloved singer had actually appeared in front of a sold-out crowd in Boulder, Colorado to explain that the show simply could not go on and why, I knew his show would not be happening five days later in Houston.

I've been a Morrissey fan for many, many years. To some people, I am "That Morrissey guy." I held a Smiths and Morrissey Trivia Night at Rudyard's in January and left an entire room of fans completely stumped in the bonus round. I was recently asked how many times I had seen Morrissey and which concert was my favorite. My answer...

"Anything could happen" - an interview with Morrissey - Free Press Houston

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By David Garrick
...Now, after several rescheduled dates, he’s on his way back to Houston for an appearance at White Oak Music Hall. Free Press Houston was more than thrilled to get to talk to the legendary artist about his upcoming return to Houston.

Morrissey interview in FasterLouder - "Cakes, Brexit and country music"

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Cakes, Brexit, and country music: We chat with Morrissey - FasterLouder
by Lachlan Kanoniuk
21 October 2016

...As he touches down in Australia, we sent Morrissey a range of questions. He dutifully responded. Enjoy.


Not to frivolously conflate mortality and artistry – but do you see yourself as a survivor, both in health and as a musician with a long career?
I think it’s already happened if anyone took the trouble to chart my personal journey since The Smiths ended. But few do. Factually, I would trade the entire Smiths catalogue for World Peace Is None Of Your Business, but it’s also true that you are continually seen as however you were when you first appeared. That’s life. That’s death!

I am continually dismayed by his UKIP tendencies. "As for Brexit, the result was magnificent". Well it's a f***ing good job you don't have to live with the falling...

Skinhead girls in Derek Ridgers photo revealed - Caroline and Debbie

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Who are the subjects in the iconic "Skinhead girls, Bank Holiday, Brighton 1980" photo by Derek Ridgers used in Morrissey's 1992 "Your Arsenal" tour as a backdrop and merchandise (t-shirt, program cover)? Finally we know - Caroline and Debbie. Both were together recently and surprisingly, both learned just last weekend (Aug. 2016) about the use of the photo on Morrissey's tour 24 years ago.

Debbie writes through emails:

I am one of the skinhead girls in the photo as I have just found out my picture was used... Caroline on the left, I'm on the right (in both 1980 and 2016 photos, below). She moved to Australia and was over last weekend. That's when we found out via Google about the photo, such a shock but a nice one. Eyes nearly popped out when we saw the huge backdrop of us.

I have been in touch with Derek, he is sending us a photo as we never got one. Sent him a photo of what we look like now and he thinks we haven't changed (well, longer hair and older). Does anyone have any...

Morrissey's new management - Three Six Zero

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An anonymous person sends word that Morrissey has signed to new management recently - Three Six Zero.

He is already listed on the Three Six Zero music roster page and photo posted on Instagram:

Morrissey interview in Walla (Israel) - health update; new album written, looking for distribution

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Newish, but not surprising.

Morrissey issues health update following cancer treatment - NME.com
Former Smiths frontman also confirms that next album is 'written'

Post by mcrickson:

Great news from the linked Walla (Israel) interview (Google translation to English):

"The new album is already written - but I need to find a distribution contract. It is impossible to find a record deal, so we're going to record the album ourselves once we find someone who could disseminate it and make it accessible worldwide."

Original Walla interview article (Hebrew)

Morrissey interview in Norwegian paper VG

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Morrissey angrer ikke på 22. juli-uttalelse: – Jeg er i mot alle drap - VG

It's on top of the website of Norway's largest tabloid newspaper.

Google Translate to English
Morrissey does not regret the 22 July statement: I oppose all murders

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