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    Long Live The Smiths' "Complete Works' on NPR, Fresh Air

    Listen to this radio segment on NPR program Fresh Air. Ed Ward reviews 'Complete Works'.
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    The Smiths to be included in 'Rock Band 3'

    We are buying Rock Band 3 tomorrow. :guitar:
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    Mirror 80 - reflecting on 1980s style

    Do you collect furnishings, clothes, jewelry from the 1980s? Isn't it time for another Art Deco revival? A friend of mine started this blog... Check it out. :flowers:
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    Austin, Texas

    I ended up with Row E. I bought 2 tickets together, so it took several tries. I kept getting Row O (which doesn't exist), BB, CC, Z, and then E. I don't think they were selling pit tickets to us either. :rolleyes:
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    houston, texas - venue - jones hall

    Did you get tix for Austin? I got good seats - row E. See you there!
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    houston, texas - venue - jones hall

    No one has said it yet, but welcome! Hope you enjoy the show. :)
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    Responses from people when you say you are a Morrissey fan.

    Who? - is a common response, or if they know who he is "Oh, that old, gay guy?" :mad: Also, "Oh, the singer for the doors". I went to the Morrissey Weep-along in Austin this weekend and when I told one of my coworkers on Monday she just laughed.
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    tell us about the last Film you saw

    Re: tell us about the last Film you saw. The History Boys- Lots of good music in this film including This Charming Man. I think most Smiths/Morrissey fans could appreciate it. Cloverfield- The constant movement of the camera along with the bloody scenes made me feel like I would hurl...
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    America's Most Obese Cities

    I'm not suprised to find my home, San Antonio, to be in 3rd place. With BBQ joints on every corner (2 Bill Miller BBQs in my neighborhood), I can see how it happens. If you consume fatty animal and lard enhanced beans nonstop you become overweight/obese. What makes it worse is that when I...
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    What's In Your Queue Kit?

    I want in on Andrea's S&M afterparty next time. Now I know what really happened before I showed up in NYC. Here's my list: Bottled water Chapstick Dig Camera Cell Phone- to call the ones that had to stay behind
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    NYC, the time is near...

    I'll be there all 5 and I'm sharing an apt with ten other people. BTW, who is Lulu? Please Identify yourself if you are staying with Andrea, Andrew, Phill... the list goes on. :D
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    SatNight10/27 pre and post show parties

    I bought my ticket for the post-show yesterday off Ticketbastard. When it was all said and done I paid about $6 in fees (but only $1 for the ticket). That's still not a bad price, but I paid more in fees than I did for the ticket. See you all at the show! :)
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    Sweet and Tender Hooligans - San Antonio

    You know I'll be there rain or shine. Where is Jiggers? That sounds like a strip club... or maybe a club on West Ave JK!!! Can I bring chocolate bars??? ha ha ha.;)
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    new songs tonight!!!

    Oh my! Along with "Stop Me..." I hope to hear one of these at the NYC show. I'm so jealous. ;)
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    Volunteers / helpers needed for Charity Bike Ride

    That sounds fantastic. If I had the funds to travel to Manchester I would join you guys! Take pics Phill. :)
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