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    no morrissey songs on jk rowlings tracks of my years

    the basic point of the thread was did she not pick any of his music because she didnt want the public connection with him? or did the bbc choose not to play any because they just dont anymore and have decided the minds of the listening public for them like they used to do with frankie goes to...
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    no morrissey songs on jk rowlings tracks of my years

    i think the bbc get them to pick about 20 songs then the thought police whittle it down to suit them- for her not to pick a morrissey song is astounding- maybe just not a fan anymore
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    no morrissey songs on jk rowlings tracks of my years

    thought she was a massive fan? nothing mentioned on ken bruce this week - picked 10 songs with no connection to moz= has she turned her back or another example of the bbc thought police in action?
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    Official YouTube "Introducing Morrissey" premiere - May 29, 2020

    the only thread on this forum not to a have a negative post after the first 3 posts in 15 years- wow - the golden days indeed
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    am not quitting Morrissey and never will, I am quitting very expensive trips to arenas to see clunking setlists such as Friday though
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    I am no Morrissey hater I still love and appreciate the man, his voice was great and his mood was chirpy, fake coughing across the crowd and joking about it been a risk to leave home, nice dig at the bbc for not airing his new songs too BUT I was just so so disappointed by the setlist, took a...
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    its over now for me anyway- thanks for the golden years but they are gone now, boz grow a pair and walk away too
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    just got back from the gig- 11th Morrissey gig for me and by far the worst, no band introductions , chuggalong boring set list- when it takes a pretenders cover to get the crowd slightly in motion then its time to retire, - crowd looked bored shitless talking during the songs etc all that...
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    Morrissey announces European & UK 2020 tour dates (Leeds, Cologne, Paris, London on sale Jan. 24)

    france ban gatherings of over 3000 people- coronavirus surely means the French gig is off? can the leeds gig go ahead without the French one?
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    Johnny Marr tweets response to Smiths reunion rumours

    theres more chance of Donald and ivana trump getting back together, marr hasn't written a decent song in over 30 years and lives off his short time with Morrissey who inspired him to write the tunes
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    Alain Whyte: "Our Frank" live (Morrissey mention)

    lovely guy and part of the legacy of Morrissey for which we should all respect, although why he has never been able to spell simple words like alan and white properly has always baffled me
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    Mporium UK: new T-shirt additions (11 September, 2019)

    it was hilda ogden that had the flying ducks not elsie tanner, assuming that's who it is??????????
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    Bigmouth strikes again: Morrissey’s racist rhetoric inspires boycott - Baltimore Sun

    Morrissey inspires boycott? I thought that loud mouth Yorkshire cricket legend had got in to enough bother in the past?
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    Morrissey Official YT/Twitter: Morning Starship live (footage not audio) in Toronto

    its ok but add it to the pile of "ok" songs- time for a new direction or a swift eclipse
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