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    you fight with your right hand

    and caress with your left hand everyone i know is sick to death of you
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    Time to Hire a Songwriter?!

    I'm busy remembering standing 3 feet away from him when he cried during Please, Please, Please to close the second SF Fillmore show in September 2007, the same night that he held my hand earlier.
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    Hmm, I'd have to say that I see it in interviews and paparazzi shots, as well. ;)
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    Morrissey's fear of flying

    She said you don't read women authors, do you? I said how would you know, and what would it matter anyway? She said which ones you read, then, and I said I read Erica Jong.
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    Renaud Monfourny

    Your name is Amoeba Net?
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    morrissey frink thread!

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    What lyric describes you today ?

    It's the same old S.O.S., but with brand new broken fortunes.
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    " Drinking tea with the taste of the Thames...

    Besides, the speaker is in Camden, so all he can get of London is but a taste of the Thames in his tea. It doesn't even have to matter where the water is actually from.
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    Morrissey's 20th Century Vocabulary

    Someone doesn't know when the 20th century was.
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    Would Morrissey ever appear in an advert?

    The Everyday is Like Sunday advertisement did feature someone else singing the words "everyday is like Sunday." The focus was on that line, not the melody. That's because it's for America's professional football league, which traditionally plays its games on Sundays. I suppose the...
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    Sheffield city hall VIP tickets...

    Surely meet/greet means with other "VIPs", yes? Not like, Morrissey. Surely. Yeah?
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    What were the first and last songs you saw Morrissey sing live?

    First: Panic Last: Please, Please, Please...
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    what would you hav thought of this as an album?

    You Have Killed Me is part two of Dear God Please Help Me so that would be odd.
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    morrissey frink thread!

    Oh man, I took that picture. :D
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    Songs you intentionally sing incorrectly?

    I want the freedom and I want the guy
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