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    What would you like to be called?

    My name is Prince and I am funky
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    Johnny Borrell comments on Moz

    Is there a proper quote of Borrell saying sthg disrespectful about Moz? I doubt it. I agree that Razorlight make wishy-washy, bland, safe, music (that explains the radio play), but all this hatred towards JB shows that he must have sthg... if not the songs.
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    the biggest difference between Morrissey and Smiths songs is ...

    What did Stephen Street ever do? I mean apart from HairdresserOnFire, Suedehead, SisterI'maPoet, IKnowVerWellHowIGotMyName, EverydayIsLikeSunday, Disappointed, TheLastOfTheFamousInternationalPlayboys, WillNeverMarry, LateNightMaudlinStreet, LuckyLisp, etc. Oh yeah!
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    Starting a band...

    drummers are hard to find ignore the (or make your own) 'rules' of songwriting be loud and catchy; one jack johnson is too many
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    Prince William and Harry sound, um, you know, like uneducated American teens

    Recently I heard Harry refer to his "sorry ass". Proper Englishmen have donkeys. Or arses.
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    New Marr interview in today's NME

    I say it's mostly because of the vocal melody.
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    Moz vs Smiths

    In my world the last two Smiths albums were Viva Hate and Bona Drag. Stephen Street took over marvelously from Johnny Marr.
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    "johnny marr" 4 track recordings c 1980

    Maybe they are genuine and have been cleaned digitally, eh?
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    Remove Morrissey's voice from the Smiths songs and you are left with melodies, grooves, soundscapes; very enjoyable indie-punk-pop-rock. Do the same with his post-Steven Street songs and it's more likely you'll spot some generic backing tracks. Johnny Marr = George Best Boorer/Whyte = David...
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    Salford lad

    you can listen again at the bbc website. click radio2, click salford lad.. etc
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    ssouth bank show

    It is on YouTube; search for lightbox07
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    YouTube gem

    The Real Morrissey
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