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    Antwerp - Stadsschouwburg (Nov. 27, 2014) post-show

    Just my thoughts. As sad as it is, it's no surprise we get the hecklers at the shows seeing what some people do write here. I still love going to Moz shows! If you don't like him......just ignore him. As simple as that!
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    Would you ever cry at a Morrissey show?

    I have. At the show in Luxembourg in June. I have no idea why but during Seasick I suddenly had to. No hysterical sobbing just a few tears running down.
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    Munich Roll Call

    Spontaneous Moz gigs are the best ones ;)! I am not too far away from the venue so I might be there sometime between 4 and 5, I will see. Been to Munich a couple of times but its been a few years now ;) so maybe I will run into you :) or we could meet up somewhere incase you're going to the...
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    Munich Roll Call

    I arrive in Munich at 3-ish, so I will probably be at the venue around 4:30/5-ish. so if you'd like we could meet up :) its my 2nd concert for this year only as Paris cos cancelled and I couldnt go to the re-scheduled one but I couldnt miss out on Munich!
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    Germany in November again? Yes!

    I am going to be in Munich as well and I asked in the roll call thingy for Munich who else is going so maybe we all could have a little meet up infront of the venue. :)
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    Munich Roll Call

    I just meant meeting up infront of the venue, Id rather queue than get drunk:D
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    Munich Roll Call

    Maybe a little early:o but waaay too excited already! Who else is going? Anyone up for a little meet up? Wanted to go with a friend but she's sick now and can't go...
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    Dusseldorf to Munich

    It takes a while to travel by train from Düsseldorf to Munich (between 5 and 6 hours) so if you dont want to spend so much time in the train it would be a great idea to fly. It only takes an hour and I just checked, its cheaper too. So when you book a one way ticket for the train you have to pay...
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    Germany in November again? Yes!

    I am still not 100% sure if I should go, arrh. Moz you are tempting me. But in case I should go maybe we could meet up? Anyone else going to Munich? :)
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    Germany in November again? Yes!

    I am still trying to resist the temptation ;)....I should not go again but I'd love to...SIGH. Anyone going to Munich?
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    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
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    Hey! Nichts schlimmes, ich kriege da nur nicht frei, seufz :( weil ich halt vorher schon nach...

    Hey! Nichts schlimmes, ich kriege da nur nicht frei, seufz :( weil ich halt vorher schon nach Schottland fliege...aber Offenbach bleibt auf jedenfall, ich arbeite ja in Frankfurt ;)
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    Ticket for Cologne Gig June 11 for sale

    Sadly, I will not be able to go to this gig :( so I have to sell it again (of course I HAD to order it when the tix went on sale...sigh). Anyone who's interested in it, please just PM me!
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    Germany Concert Dates

    Leider leider werde ich - so wie es aussieht - das Köln Konzert nicht machen können :( habe natürlich mein Ticket schon...seufz. Wenn jemand dran interessiert wäre, bitte einfach melden!!!
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