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    Never liked Matt Smith, he's just very irritating. Patrick is superb and he never gets annoying with his childlike manner!
    I'm selling loads of Doctor Who videos and a Davros collection on ebay at the moment! I hope I get a few quid for it!
    Hmm....I think McCoy is better than Colin Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith though. In my opinion, I don't think he's truly the worst.
    doctor who fan possibly? that Hartnell gif was great! :p
    Where on earth are you nowadays? It's as if you have vanished into thin air. Are you hiding behind a lamp pole or something?
    oh love at work....NOOOOOOOO
    no not really. I was on-line but was told' look at this and that' every so often but it was nice to see all those people celebrating really. I'm not that patriotic but looking at the news etc this wedding isn't a bad thing for the UK when you look at it really. Some family members went there and come to see me afterwards. So i had the day of work and some some of my family came around for some tea. :) The royal wedding was a good day for me.
    Yeah, he and Dawn is on it from time to time. Nothing wrong with a little love at work.
    Did you see the royal wedding live? I have just been down there. People are mad. Can't stand it. We went to Hyde Park, it was insane!
    No, thai guy with long hair looking like a thai girl with long hair.
    Shame on you, spending time on solow when you should be working. As we say in sweden; ajabajja. What do you work with anyway? Ohhhhh, must guess! I'm thinking The Office (uk version). I'm thinking Tim.
    Ohhh myyyy, CB has a blog! And well, you do sort of look like a guy.
    Speaking of looking like a guy; I was going to meet a friend and some of her friends at a pub, and from there we were going to go to a restaurant. I was a bit late and everybody was there when I arrived, it was a bit dark, I didn't really hear all of their names and I was stressed so I didn't really pay much attanetion. I really needed to go to the ladies and another girl was going there too so I followed her. It was down some stairs and into a room but when we got in I realized that it wasn't the ladies, it was the gents and I just stood there like a complete idiot and when I looked at the girl to figure out why she had gone in there I realized she wasn't a she, she was a he. I ran out and into the ladies.
    Well I'm not sure which Jack you're referring to but if it's THE jack-JACK he actually killed one of my relatives. Yes, it's absolutely true, he killed Elisabeth Stride who was born in sweden and was my grandfathers fathers cousin.
    It seems as if Chuck Berry still is alive. Although I'm not convinced myself.
    I burned myself in the sun yesterday. I look like a crayfish. I sort of wish I wasn't alive. And now I've got to go to whitechapel to meet a friend. I'm always afraid I'll get killed whenever I go east of city.
    Hmmm, well, I feel a bit tired of Morrissey right now. The reason I really wanted to go a concert on this tour is because it might be his last tour. Or at least he's not going to tour like he used to do anymore. But I'm really disappointed that he's not coming to London.
    Well yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes it's just a little bit too much. The last Morrissey concert I went to was in the summer of 2009 in sweden, I was working on the concert because the company I worked for owned the venue. I happend to be backstage when he arrived and ofcourse I stared at him like a complete idiot but he just smiled at me and wiggled his eyebrows.
    No, he's not playing in London unfortunately. I'm going to Plymouth and York to see him. But, why...??? Don't you want to see him? He hasn't played for ages. Why didn't you like it in Hyde Park?
    I feel a need to point out that that is the only warm and sweaty photo of me there is. Who's on your prof pic?
    I can't really come up with one that is super flattering but I can definitely come up with some that are everything but flattering. And the one I'm in at that angle is quite far up on that list.
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