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    Nirvana Nevermind signed

    You worked for MTV and taking from the vaults ? wow... can you also use your immerse clout to get me that fully signed Blind Melon LP from the vaults ?
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    Geniune hand signed Moz postcard from Vauxhall instore signing in London

    It is so easy to decode this serial forger. However, some of you are too enthusiastic to write him off for every autograph he sells. I can't blame you guys because he deserved it. This autograph though is very real and authentic. I m sure some of you will agree with me. Now compare this...
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    Looking to see some old/rare moz/smiths tee - help

    Hey Joe, you were one of my favourite posters from the forum , that's why ! I m glad you enjoy collecting this shirt. It's freaking rare now cheers
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    Looking to see some old/rare moz/smiths tee - help

    This one is rare and desired. I had one back in the late 80s. Please do a good one, thanks (I will buy one!) Also the lollipop one in pink is very rare.
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    Authentic Morrissey signatures for sale on eBay?
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    Authentic Morrissey signatures for sale on eBay?

    I think it's silly of him to say all Moz autos on ebay are fake. But as a general rule, most are. If you are a serious collector or have friends that are knowledgeable in autos, it's quite easy to spot the fakes. Note : The forgers are getting better though so be careful and ask all the tough...
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    Authentic Morrissey signatures for sale on eBay?

    It is genuine autos circa mid to late 80s. the value is about right as it's missing Marr's.
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    There is a light US Promo QID Sleeve

    I m sure you have a signed copy somewhere ? I'll be interested.
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    Very rare signature

    Churning them out eh ?? FYI you(Madasun) are a bad forger. Those buyers are either dumber than you or fake bids.
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    Very rare signature

    A few months back , when this prick (madasun) was selling some signed Moz magazines , I said those were fake and people here ostracized me. They sympathized with this idiot's story that those were from his dead sister collection. MADASUN or ROSSVONDA on eBay, you should be jailed !!
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    Pressing numbers

    I have always wondered what is the number printed and made for the UK 1st pressed items, like the smiths LPs. Also compared to US made pressings(also a mystery). My guess 1st LP 50,000, Strangeways 250,000 copies, Louder Than Bombs(likely short-printed UK version of US release on RT) 10,000...
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    'HSIN' tour shirts?

    I have one too, same details as yours in Heather and size XL. US made. Had it a long time too.
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    The Smiths - rare William red 7' sleeve for sale

    The entire collecting world thrive on things like this situation you are addressing. It's a normal situation in collecting actually I think. There are many examples when acetate loses to "botched up" sleeve.(in $$ value) Most famous example would be the Beatles' Butcher cover. A Livingston...
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    Here we go again another fake

    Or maybe not. I don't really care.
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    Here we go again another fake

    Seen this seller a lot lately with his signed Moz/Smiths stuff. Too bad it ain't real. Take my word for it.
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