girl still ill

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  • I can well imagine, i hope you've got a decent enough break now.
    I'm off to work in a bit, really can't be arsed but hey ho. x
    Nowt really,
    although i went to my 1st ever gig which was Morrissey at Doncaster Dome on the 'Kill Uncle' tour..waited years to see him live but i was too young to go to the Wolverhampton one off in 1989.
    I got into him after taping the top 40 and hearing EILS enter the chart..never heard anything like it..and alas hear i am. x
    God hark on at me talking shop again, i used to be vaguely interesting for at least a few days in 1991.
    Apologies. x
    Surely you get a decent break after that or is it overtime as well?. I get a day off then another night shift oddly, one of those useless high earning NHS managers who's now gone further up the ladder insisted our shift patterns changed and they're now awful. Shifts like 10.00-2100 which eat up all parts of the lifers i call em', i'm sure you know the ones.
    Sorry i'm a right grouch today, couldn't sleep at all last night and i was on a 7am start.
    I'll zip it, get some rest! x
    We're already pals on there love.
    Ever have those days where you wish you hadn't got out of bed? 1 down only 6 more shifts to go...wahey!
    All well with you sister? x
    As for Leeds, well we all have our crosses to bear i guess.
    Like Morrissey it tends to be a love/hate thing.
    Ta duck, some good tunes on yer page.
    Man City eh, best not mention Leeds utd, although i was brought
    up on them..not that i go to many games anymore. x
    I did up until the This Is My Truth album, not seen em' since although i did see JDB a few years back on his solo tour and he as great. I've not bought any of their albums since TIMTTMY. x
    I've never been good at getting back into what ever a normal routine is.
    Yeah the hospitals i'm at tend to get bad scores as far as these government targets go. 'Miles from the front line' springs to mind, a&e at the LGI gets between 300-400 patients a day.
    I may have a nightcap, often helps. x
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