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    Pregnant for the Last Time jigsaw puzzle for sale

    Hi all, I have one copy of this jigsaw puzzle for sale. It's in perfect condition. Best offer gets it.
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    For sale: Smiths/Morrissey BPI/RIAA gold/platinum record awards

    Not the runaround. I reconsidered the sale at the time because the house I moved into ended up having space for them. The new one has room for the BPI Smiths awards, which I'm keeping, but not the remainder. I did sell a bunch of promo CDs a few years ago, but hung onto all of the gold discs.
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    For sale: Smiths/Morrissey BPI/RIAA gold/platinum record awards

    Hi all, I've been collecting RIAA and BPI gold discs for 20+ years. I'm just about to move, and I no longer have space for all of them on the wall. I figure that these will be better appreciated by someone else! A subset of this collection appeared in the NME 15-20 years ago. I'm posting...
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    Face value ($169) front orchestra tickets for Broadway residency

    Hi all, I still have the following tickets for the Broadway shows. All are in the first few rows of the orchestra on the sides. While the vast majority of orchestra seats sold for $427, these were available via BroadwayDirect for $169 each. If you've been to a seated Morrissey show before...
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    Morrissey Broadway tickets: first six rows for May 7, 8, 10

    I should also say that these are the $169 tickets (not the $427 tickets), and I'm asking for face value (plus a nominal fee for shipping).
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    Morrissey Broadway tickets: first six rows for May 7, 8, 10

    Hi all, I have pairs of tickets for sale for the shows on May 7th (Orchestra Left Row E) May 8th (Orchestra Left Row D) May 10th (Orchestra Right Row F) Drop me a line if you're interested.
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    The complete Smiths poster collection?

    If anyone is interested in this complete set of posters, I have a set that I'd consider selling. They are permanently mounted on wooden backboards -- I didn't think I'd be selling them. That said, they look stunning. My collection appeared in the NME 10-15 years ago.
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    Boston time changed, but the show goes on
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    Boston time changed, but the show goes on

    I've just heard that the Boston show is cancelled.
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    Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre (Nov. 25, 2017) post-show

    Munich Air Disaster 1958, I'm Not Sorry, Who Will Protect Us From The Police and intro to Israel played tonight.
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    Houston, TX concert still on, venue changed and upgrades available - email

    Against my better judgement, I am flying to Dallas tonight for show #68. If you're (a) going and (b) interested in meeting up with a couple of other fans who have flown in, drop me a line. :)
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    Dallas pre-show meetup?

    So, it's still unclear whether there will be a Dallas show, but there are two of us who are planning to fly in and we'll have to board our flights on Friday before the Houston show begins, so we're pretty much committed to coming to Dallas either way. Is there anything interesting and...
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    Presale code for Dallas show 4/15?

    I have an extra pair in Orchestra Row C. Send me a private message if you're interested.
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    FS: Two orchestra tickets for Brooklyn Kings Theater: face value

    Hi all, I ended up getting better tickets in the general sale than I did during the presale, so I'm selling two tickets for the Kings Theater show on September 24th. The tickets are in section 3, row N (fourteen rows from the stage). I'm asking face value for the tickets: $125 apiece plus...
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