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    Morrissey and Tom Hanks

    pmsl! also you are all forgetting toy story (tom hanks as woody) woody (mirroring morrissey) "a cowboy toy is profoundly threatened and jealous when a fancy spaceman toy supplants him as top toy in a boy's room" woody = morrissey spaceman buzz lightyear = boz lightyear (they become best...
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    solo way back

    lol thats so funny! but i suppose no one wants to be a spinster :tears: anyways well done on getting to keep your original username i cant even remember what mine was! think i joined here around 2003ish time bloody flies! im suppose to be a millionaire by now and im worse off :eek:
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    solo way back

    lol thats so true! all the "trolls" have bloody evolved now! youd think theyd just give up but whatever floats yer boat as they say :crazy: im going to have a good nose through the old boards soon, is there anyone on here that has their original username? or did everyone have to resign up...
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    solo way back

    haha! the good ole days! when you could be naughty and steal other peoples usernames *slap on the wrist, and the up and coming concerts were fresh and exciting :thumb:
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    "What's it like, to put the the f***ing M in Manchester?"

    All bands get "chicks" doesnt mean there going to be good looking, though if rourke was on drugs he would have been out of it most of the time so could have quite easily been sleeping with lady boys, and also means his memories are invalid because his brain would have been drug intoxicated which...
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    Moz and the heckler

    Couldnt morrissey have simply just... asked the heckler to apoligise lol and then tell him to leave. Putting the lights on was a bad move, i bet all the fans hearts skipped a beat thinking the show was over.
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    Morrissey tour Illness was the flu

    Jayziz... how many times this year did he have the flu? I find it a little odd that anyone would have it as often as he did. lol maybe he had all the flu symtoms but at different times, one month diarrhea, the next being sick, the next weakness or maybe he had the poos and blamed it on...
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    Morrissey tour Illness was the flu

    I dont understand why performers (morrissey included) dont just get the bloody flu jab!:crazy:
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    just for fun morrisseys "costumes"

    ochhh nooooooo! you can tell im not a regular!!!
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    Possible morrissey backdrops/artwork

    bet mozz would be pissed off at this, 1 thing he loves mashed with 1 thing he hates...
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    just for fun morrisseys "costumes"

    I know morrissey has worn fancy dress costumes onstage (sailor, priest, cant think of anymore!) but... do you think he would go to someones fancy dress party dressed up. I just dont think hes that type but if he did what do you think hed go as? I dont know why but i find the image of this...
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    What do you think Morrissey or Johnny are worth?

    morrissey is probably worth more than marr and i bet has more money than marr. morrissey seems like a saver, his bank interest is probably piling up, marr is married and i bet his wife soaks up all his money on shoes (assuming she has feet). Has marr done an autobiography?
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    Exract of forthcoming autobiography - Tate St Ives exhibition book

    Re: Forthcoming Autobiography Thats what i thought. He wont even tell russell brand the name of his mums cats so i doubt hed release his life story to the world. Real icons dont write autobiographies:thumb:
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    Exract of forthcoming autobiography - Tate St Ives exhibition book

    Re: Forthcoming Autobiography when is his autobiography coming out?
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