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    Portland, ME - State Theatre (Oct. 15, 2012) post-show

    Does anyone have pictures or videos of the concert?
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    Presale password

    Anyone have the code for Boston?
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    The official 'best tennis-related Morrissey/Smiths songs' thread

    A serve and a volley and the point is ours Dont make fun of daddy's backhand
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    Morrissey is #95 out of 100 on Latino 101

    White women. Are you speaking for yourself?
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    Morrissey is #95 out of 100 on Latino 101

    Not sure if this was mentioned here before, and don't ask me why I was watching this, but just sitting here on a lazy Sunday afternoon and happened to see Morrissey mentioned on the show. It's a show about the top 100 things Latino's love... Surprising to see he was ranked better than Jesus and...
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    how will morrissey die?

    Lot's of rage for a Moz fan...
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    Stunning news from

    Congrats! So you're from the East Coast right? Still have yet to receive mine :(
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    Stunning news from

    I emailed recordstore 5 days ago and have yet to receive a response. There is no way of tracking my package. What is going on here?
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    Morrisseysmum on Twitter

    her latest tweet: "I can confirm my boy has been been in touch with an old pal and they have collaborated. He knows you'd love to hear it." Well, I wonder...
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    Re: Hi..? Hello, little strange one.
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    Thanks Davie :) That's such a difficult question, I love so many Smiths / Morrissey songs... Rusholme Ruffians, Headmasters Ritual, The Queen Is Dead Let Me Kiss You, Ouija Board, Trouble Loves Me Just to name a few...
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    Thanks guys! :)
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    Forever alone :(
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