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    Morrissey Central "LOVE IS ON ITS WAY BACK" (November 18, 2020)

    He references the WWI poem, "Matey" in his autobiography: Not comin' back tonight, matey, And reliefs are comin' through, We're all goin' out all right, matey, Only we're leavin' you. Gawd ! it's a bloody sin, matey, Now that we've finished the fight, We go when reliefs come in, matey, But...
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    Rest in Peace Smiths Bootleg

    Thanks everyone. I paid 3 quid so think I got a bargain, not that it would really have mattered.
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    Rest in Peace Smiths Bootleg

    Just picked up the aforementioned bootleg, complete with insert, mint condition - appears to be French. Can anyone shed any light on value / rarity? It's black vinyl
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    Morrissey Central Sara Cunial, Italia (May 18, 2020)

    What has happened to the man that once sang, "Edward see those alluring lights"? He's grade A puddled.
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    Morrissey Central "New Order 2020, You Are In It Now" (April 30, 2020)

    What has happened? He's f***ing puddled. Grade A doolally.
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    "Knockabout World" released on YouTube / streaming platforms (Feb. 21, 2020)

    so true. This is a crock of shit. Listen to "Louder than Bombs" or "Vauxhall" and then this. Poles apart. f*** me, I love him and will always love him, but where is the witty, desperate, disparate, hilarious (accident with a 3-bar fire) Morrissey?
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    The Many Faces of The Smiths

    Thanks very much for all that. I got an email from Crash and wondered if I'd stumbled on something worthwhile. The vinyl itself looks interesting but not enough for me to hand over "hard earned". Thanks again for the insightful info. Much appreciated.
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    The Many Faces of The Smiths

    Is this a genuine release or just some ramshackle thing cobbled together:
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    All UK/European gigs postponed due to "logistical circumstances beyond our control" - management

    Great to see you quoting his lyrics so accurately. It's almost as if you're one of those "super fans" that follow him obsessively. Chapeau though! Obsessive or not, you're clearly someone who dials into all things Moz on a (very, very) regular basis. I've often wondered what a typical Moz lover...
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    Mporium pop up shop at Salford Lads Club 10:30-4:40 pm both Manchester dates - 'exclusive products'

    "Cemetery Gates" - says it all. And such a simple mistake. Schoolboy error. Must try harder.
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