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  • Oh dear...it seems this time the stars aligned in the wrong position for me...mmm, I think that if I go, I'd have to just be there for the gig on Friday and then leave on Saturday perhaps? well, it's always a pleasure to wander along Manchester streets, but it is certainly better if you know where you're going. At what time will it be on Friday for the 'tour'? and if I may continue boring you with my questions, what time and price will be/have the event at night?

    Ps. Have you got AIM or any other means of chatting? maybe it's easier for communication issues.

    Thank you!
    OK, well as it happens I am taking a couple around Friday afternoon so yes you can join us.
    Can't do Saturday because I am going away until Monday.
    Hugh was meant to be coming this weekend but a relative is ill so today he said he couldn't make it Friday.
    Hi Phill! I hope you are having a great week, I know I would if I were living there...
    Well, just passing by to say hi and also to say that there's the possibility of me going to Manchester this weekend. I'd really love to go to the Moz & The Smiths disco night you told me about, this coming Friday, but I'm still not sure 'cuz there are lot of things I have to do, (and that I wish I didn't have to) but if I go, do you think we could meet and perhaps have that little super tour for the 'essential' places I've missed the last time?

    Kind regards


    on this day, 23rd november in 1889 the worlds 1st jukebox was installed in the palais royal saloon, san francisco. of course we all know there's only 1 jukebox;) accept no imitations.
    Hi Phill, I'm the girl who Hugh told you about (or at least I assume he told you =P). I've joined the forum so I can contact you this way first. I've been to Manchester, two weeks ago maybe, and eventhough it was crazy I got to know some of the places I wanted to check, but there were still some that I couldn't because of a I-have-to-leave-my-'friend's house-soon-or-she'll-end up-hating-me subject and the days getting darker earlier, AND not knowing where I was exactly.

    As you can imagine, I definitely want to go back to Manchester and 'finish' what I began. Besides, I wish I was there in the first place anyways...

    So, this is me, hello

    Hi Phill
    I know you may be sick of this question but please could you check that you have my details for one of the calanders? I sent payment through paypal under [email protected] Let me know if you need more info.
    well it's no big deal everyone reading this, I mean, the posts where we talked about the affair we have been having was in private so no one will know about that ;)
    hey, I just hit reply....... just because iknow how to post youtube stuff doesnt mean I know how to post anything else ha ha
    Goodness me, teenagers are just little troublemakers. :eek: You posted this on your own messageboard! :)
    yes back safe and sound thanks:)

    I actually came back on Monday evening, Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening..... to drop off individuals who either had a fight / alcohol or drugs......
    returning straight away getting back after midnight each night :eek:

    Okay, I'm glad that I saw this message, it didn't post onto my profile. Thanks for checking on the tickets. I may have to take the bus if all else fails. Or even take a flight from London to Dublin to Manchester -- how crazy is that? Is it cold there yet? Just wondering what to take along. Speak soon.
    Im at the train station tomorrow, going to my mums for the weekend with my kids. When I get my tickets, will ask about the London prices and where is the discount!!
    Glad you are home safe!! Yes, I'm glad that we did meet up even if just for a few moments. I'm sure you miss the big city already! Now, it's my turn ;0)
    Hi Phill, If you are here or online today, I'll be at the Squeeze concert in the 2nd Mezzanine, row C, seats 603 & 604. Come say hello! :0)
    i was wondering, now that jerry finn has passed on, do you have any sensational gossip about him that you can help to circulate? anything salacious that you might've read in the gutter press? he's dead 'n' stuff, so now's a good time.
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